We’ve heard all sorts of beauty myths over the years: chocolate causes acne, you can reduce your pores, you need gallons of water for hydrated skin. Some of these have been disproven yet still persist from generation to generation. Here’s a list of beauty myths you can toss out along with your expired products!

  1. Taking a break from makeup will allow your skin to breathe. There’s no problem with wearing makeup all day, as long as you wash it off at night. Makeup sits atop skin, and won’t clog pores unless you don’t remove it properly every evening. So wearing a full face of makeup daily is fine!
  2. Your skin gets used to certain products, so it’s best to switch skincare lines every few months. This myth goes hand in hand with having to switch shampoos to keep your hair from getting used to the shampoo. This can’t happen. BUT, what you need to do is gauge your skin’s needs as you age, because your skin’s needs will change, and may necessitate a change in skincare.
  3. Pores can get larger or smaller, depending on if you get regular facials or on what products you use. Pore size is fixed. Some of us are born with larger pores than others, so any product or service claiming to shrink your pores is trying to shrink your wallet. What you can do is keep your pores clear by regular cleansing and exfoliating. The cleaner they are, the smaller they’ll appear to be.
  4. You need to be drinking tons of water to keep your skin beautiful. Yes, water is important for your health and for your skin, but when you drink water, your skin is the last to benefit. If your skin is truly dehydrated, invest in a rich oil-based moisturizer. But this doesn’t mean you can skip water. Every single part of your body needs water to function, so keep drinking at least eight glasses of H20.