Knowing your skin type is very important because it allows you to know how take care of it the right way. The quality and type of your skin is genetically determined, but there’s a lot you can do to improve it, so even though you may think your skin type isn’t the best, just remember that the beauty and health of your skin is also determined by what you eat and how you treat and take care of your skin. The first step in having gorgeous skin is determining your skin type and matching it with the best recommended treatments and products.

Fair skin

This is arguably the most common skin type. People with fair skin often burn but never tan in the sun. They are also susceptible to skin damages and cancers such as squaomous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma. They are also at risk of contracting melanoma, the deadliest type of skin cancer. People with fair skin are advised to use sunscreen and clothing with a UFP rating of 30 or higher. Also, they should check their skin for suspicious growths. Don’t let this scare you if you have fair skin — just do your best to be cautious in the sun.

Olive skin

Olive skin includes light brown skin tones between dark and pale. The natural green pigment is what sets medium skin from other skin types. Olive skin comes with its own set of problems, ranging from discoloration to oily skin. People with this skin type usually have the easiest time finding foundation that is just right for them.

Medium skin

People with this type of skin are not considered fair, light or olive. This skin type doesn’t usually burn when out in the sun. Working your undertone will help you figure out the perfect foundation for your medium skin. Choosing the right blush to go with can also be confusing because one that’s too dark will look harsh and unnatural while a light one will wash you out.

Dark skin

Although people with dark skin don’t burn, they should wear sunscreen since they too can contract various types of skin cancer. The hardest part about finding the right makeup for people with dark skin is foundation-matching, though with the latest advances in makeup, this is becoming easier.