How to Help Flat Winter Hair

The one thing we miss about summer’s humidity is its ability to boost our hair’s volume. When the weather cools down, we’re left with sad, flat strands, especially when you’re older and hair is naturally thinning anyway.

Here are a few hair tips and tricks I use to keep my hair fuller and healthier-looking, even when the cooler weather seems determined to make it flatter than the Midwest!

  1. Change your shampoo: Use a volumizing shampoo that gives your locks more volume. They work by increasing each hair shaft’s diameter.
  2. Use mousse. This much-loved hair product from the 80s and 90s has made a comeback in various modern iterations. No longer leaving hair stiff and sticky, today’s volume-building mousse works best when you apply to the roots and blow dry using a round brush. This is my favorite way to build volume around the face!
  3. Massage the scalp. Sometimes the hair follicles need additional stimulation to keep them clear of sebum that can block them, leading to thinner looking hair.
  4. Keep your ends trimmed. Scraggly ends will make your hair look even thinner.

Use all four haircare tips, and you’ll get back sexy, luxurious tresses in no time!