I love food! But I know certain types of foods do my skin a disservice. Here’s a list of foods to avoid, or at least minimize, if you want good skin.

Sugar. Eating excessive quantities of sugar (including milk sugars) forms advanced glycation products (abbreviated, appropriately, to AGEs), which causes malformation and stiffening of protein fibers in the body. Look for hidden dairy in food, too. Processed lunch meats and granola bars, for instance, are usually a source of “surprise” dairy products. Carefully read the food labels to avoid milk solids. If you think skim milk is healthy, think again: it’s been connected to skin breakouts. The main culprits: the hormones and milk proteins, which can clog skin pores (according to one research study the hormones in milk can enhance your oil production by a huge margin). Dairy is an important source of calcium and Vitamin D, which is a requirement for bones (and the rest of your body). So if you cut back, do so with care and find suitable calcium-filled replacements.

Salt. Who doesn’t love a salty bag of potato chips? I know I do! But salty foods promote water retention, resulting in a puffy face and under-eye bags. Iodized salt spells disaster for the skin in high doses, and can worsen acne. When you consume excessive salt, it draw water from skin, causing swelling and making acne worse.

Processed foods. If you eat pre-packaged food, make sure to rinse all canned vegetables, meats and beans after opening the cans to cut down on the sodium content. Plus, these processed food use a lot of GMO oils like canola, safflower and corn oil. These can clog up your body and your skin. Cut down on process foods and fill up on fresh, raw food whenever possible.

Alcohol. My friends know I love my white wine spritzers. But I take it easy since alcohol causes skin dehydration, exacerbating wrinkles, and delaying skin healing. A regular drinking habit could also reduce Vitamin A, B3, and C levels, which are vital skin antioxidants and actively produces new cells. Keep your drinks to fewer than four a week.