What if you could step into a time machine and see what skincare would look like in the future? Thanks to modern experts in the beauty industry, you don’t have to. Let’s take a look at the latest beauty innovations this year and the next year to come.


Don’t be fooled by the word’s off-putting sound — fermented products are loaded with nutrition. Originally developed in Eastern countries, people have enjoyed the benefits of fermentation such as kefir and sauerkraut for centuries. And now, skincare specialists in the East have infused the power of fermentation in beauty¬†products. You’ll see this upcoming trend in the West very soon.

Multitasking Masks

To address the gap of combination skin treatments, ‘patchwork’ skincare masks are beginning to appear on the market. These innovative masks allow your skin to get the nourishing and cleansing benefits of a mask and give each area of your face exactly what it needs. Other customized skincare solutions such as custom blended formulas and even DNA testing are also being studied, but might not be available for mass audiences until much later.

Sea Treasures

Skin specialists are discovering that natural extracts from algae and seaweed host a multitude of unique nutrients that are great for skin. The trend started in France and is now catching in in other countries. Keep an eye out for these prized ingredients as more skincare lines have begun to feature them in their latest products.


As more consumers have increased awareness of our impact on the environment, companies have finally begun to address these issues in product production. The skincare industry is no exception. After the microbead ban last year, companies are looking into eco-friendly skincare solutions with sustainable formulas that consumers can enjoy with confidence.

With these innovative tips, you now can stay ahead of the pack and be in the know of the latest in skincare! That’s why I love it¬†— it’s especially exciting when it comes to innovations as more and more discoveries about the best ways to take care of our skin are being made every day. Stay tuned for the next latest trends!