I’m lucky I live in Southern California: I have access to locally grown oranges, limes, lemons year-round. Not only do they taste delicious, they have quite a few skin benefits. Here are how these Vitamin C rich fruits, known for their antioxidant properties, work hard for your skin’s health, both when eaten and applied to the skin.

Not only is citrus a popular cosmetic ingredient because of its high vitamin content and useful acids, but also for its refreshing, uplifting scent. Citric acid kills bacteria on the skin, leaving it fresh and clean, and it also helps soften rough, dry skin. Plus it’s used as a natural preservative in bath and beauty products, keeping them safe and free of harmful bacteria.

Citrus on the outside

What I recommend to all of my friends is a Vitamin C serum. Not only does this “feed” the skin antioxidant protection, but it also provides some photo aging protection as well, so it pairs well underneath a moisturizer and SPF in the morning. Make sure to buy one that comes in a dark bottle (and store in a dark place) to keep Vitamin C from destabilizing.

Another way to get benefits of citrus fruits is by taking a citrus bath. Thinly slice oranges and/or lemons and float them in your bath water. Citrus fruits are full of vitamins and natural acids that will give you clean and healthy skin, and the uplifting scent will give your mind and spirit an instant energy boost.

Citrus on the inside

Eating citrus fruits fights free radical damage. Since free radicals contribute to your body’s aging process, the high levels of antioxidants found in oranges help to reduce damage to your skin caused by them. So a diet rich in oranges and lemons can result in fewer wrinkles and healthier-looking skin as you age. Among its numerous benefits, vitamin C in citrus fruits not only provides anti-aging benefits to skin, but is vital to producing, maintaining and repairing ligaments, tendons, cartilage and blood vessels.

Orange you glad you now know how beneficial citrus fruits are to your skin and overall health?