Everyone knows that men and women are different in psyche and temperament (and in many other ways). But the sexes are different in another way that you might not think about – the skin. Skin changes can be noted in color, texture, and other distinct characteristics between men and women

Men’s Edge in Great Skin

Men shave each day, since they have a lot more facial hair than women do. But did you know that facial hair reduces the appearance of wrinkles? Many women, as they age, have wrinkles that aren’t covered by facial hair.

A man’s hairy face is actually a good skin conditioner, since the hair follicles produce oils that hydrate the skin of the face and neck, resulting in naturally moisturized skin. Consequently, they don’t have to use a moisturizer as much as a women does to maintain soft, supple skin. Men also have denser collagen in their skin, which helps them to look younger longer.

Men’s facial skin doesn’t age as quickly as a woman’s, but is more susceptible to skin cancer. The oils from the hair, which provide natural moisture, also allow for increased production of acne and cancer-producing cells, giving skin cancer cells a place to breed.

Fairer Sex

The term “the fairer sex” is used to refer to women, and for good reason, as the female skin has less pigment So the term actually refers to the differing amount of color or pigment in male and female skin, not just good looks! In addition to being lighter in color, the skin of a woman is thinner in structure, too, with fewer fat cells attached to the skin follicles, making it lighter and less dense.

Men and Women are Different

Skin proves that there are many distinct physiological differences in the sexes, beyond the obvious. These differences however, do not show us which skin is better or more resistant to cancer, aging, or disease. Both sexes have advantages and disadvantages to their skin structure and composition; making them unique, yet complimentary. The best advice is to use good anti-aging skincare products with antioxidants, natural hydrators, and sun protection.