You know how good it feels when you’re working out, purging toxins (and hopefully fat) into a glorious wet, sweaty mess. We know the calories are scorched on the spin bike, but what about what’s happening to your skin? Does it benefit from exercise? The clear-cut answer is YES. Let’s explore how, then let’s lace up our running shoes.

Clears Acne

All that sweating and increased blood flow to the skin release trapped oil and gunk from your pores. Just make sure to wash your face right away after a workout, otherwise they’ll settle right back into your pores, making things worse and leading to more acne.

Gives Glow

The increase in blood flow that exercise provides directly routes oxygen and nutrients to skin—almost like a getting a luxurious facial from the inside out. Regular workouts are key. On the flip side, sluggish circulation can lead to rough, dull skin on your face and cellulite on your thighs. So get moving and know that a red face during a workout indicates that magic’s happening underneath the skin.

Keeps Skin

Tight Muscle bearing (or resistance) exercise like free weights, lunges, push-ups, planks, etc. build muscle, which replaces the youthful layer of fat under our skin. We lose this layer as we age, so it’s important to replace it with muscle. This lean muscle mass underneath the skin props it up, keeping it taut and lifted.

Keep Hydrated

Remember to keep hydrated as you exercise and throughout the day. Water plumps up your skin, so combined with exercise, this two-pronged approach goes a long way to maintaining that youthful glow.

If these skin benefits don’t convince you of the virtues of exercise—not to mention the obvious weight loss/stabilization benefits—nothing will. Regular trips to the gym can replace (or at the very least stave off) the surgeon’s scalpel. Now’s let’s go to the gym!