Though it still feels like summer here in LA, we’ll be getting colder weather soon enough. I always change up my skin care with the changing seasons, since with the changing seasons comes changes to your skin.

This means your skin care regimen needs to change, too. As the weather gets colder, the air gets drier. This means that you need to boost your moisturizing, either by adding a serum or using a richer moisturizer. The right serum will not only add more hydration, but will also help correct the effects of sun damage. Look for one with high levels of active ingredients. Additionally, replacing your light summer moisturizer with a richer one (or even with a facial oil) helps protect it against the elements, especially if you like to exercise outdoors.

Do cloudy days mean you can skip the sunscreen? The answer to that is no. Ultraviolet rays still pierce the clouds and damage your skin, so you should still layer on a sunscreen after your moisturizer as a last step before you head out for the day.

As for your body, heavy fabrics can steal your skin’s natural moisture. Replace it by using a more hydrating body wash and stay away from harsh soaps that can strip your skin. To hydrate, use a shea body butter from head to toe (and don’t forget knees and elbows!). Treat your body skin to oil-based scrubs to keep it exfoliated and fresh. Colder weather is no excuse to let dead skin cells build up. Tell me in the comments what you do to keep skin healthy during the fall and winter