You change up your skincare routine during the winter by adding heavier moisturizers and maybe a skin oil, but what about your LIP care routine? Lips need special attention and care during the cold winter months, since they get chapped and flaky easily. This can be painful and unsightly. Since they don’t have oil glands and the fact that they’re thinner than the rest of the skin on your face, I’ve found that implementing the following lip care tips helps keep my kisser soft, healthy, and well, kissable!

  1. Use lip balm underneath your lipstick or gloss. This ensures your lips won’t dry out as much due to sometimes drying lipsticks or glosses.
  2. Swipe coconut oil or almond oil on your lips from time to time. These natural oils sooth and penetrate your lips to get rid of flakiness and uncomfortable tightness.
  3. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day. This keeps your lips moisturized from the inside. (Plus drinking enough water is vital to your health.
  4. Don’t lick your lips! This is so hard to avoid, but remember that licking your lips causes them to dry out faster, so avoid licking, and swipe on some lip balm.
  5. Avoid the sun, and when you’re in the sun, use a lip balm with an SPF (and reapply regularly). This is very important. The sun pulls moisture out of your lips the way it does with skin, so combat the effects of the sun by protecting your lips.
  6. Use a DIY sugar and honey scrub. Mix honey with sugar to create a grainy consistency. Then apply to lips using a circular motion and wipe off. This will leave your lips exfoliated, nourished and smooth!
  7. Use lip balm or coconut/almond oil before hitting the hay. This will keep your kisser hydrated throughout the night, making for a moisturized mouth the next day.