Do you find yourself applying all sorts of anti-aging serums and moisturizers to your face, but seem to neglect your neck? You’re not alone. A large percentage of women are meticulous about skincare when it comes to their faces, but when it comes to their necks, they have amnesia.

Since the skin on your neck is thinner than the skin on your face (surprise!), it requires just as much anti-aging attention as your face. Here are some tips I’ve given to friends to help keep the dreaded turkey waddle, deep lines and sun spots away from their necks.

Apply the right type of ingredients. Trees trunk lines are the horizontal rings around the neck that can be seen on people of all ages. As we age, though, the lines get deeper since we lose some of the padding under our skin while weakening collagen and elastin lead to less-than-taut skin. To improve their appearance at home, look for anti-aging products with peptides and retinol. Apply both morning and night during your regular skincare regime, and you’ll notice smoothing and an increase in tightness.

Keep your chin up (literally). An unfortunate consequence of constant cell phone use is the tendency of the user to keep looking down at their phone. This means you’re regularly wrinkling your neck and emphasizing skin folds every time¬†you look down. Rather than looking down at your phone, hold it out right in front of your face. This ensures you’re not contributing to unnecessary wrinkling of your neck.

Don’t forget to hydrate! Your neck, that is. Moisturize it regularly by applying the same moisturizer you use for your face, or try a light oil such as argan oil or almond oil. Massage in a gentle, upwards motion all the way up to your jawline.

Protect your neck. Provide the same sun protection for your neck that you do with your face with a minimum of SPF 30. This will keep the collagen and elastin in your skin from breaking down and getting saggy early. Plus, it will keep brown spots away.