Let’s face it: Most of the makeup trends you see on the runway don’t work for ladies of a certain age. And a lot of the trends seen on social media like contouring (I don’t want to look like I have sharp streaks across my cheeks) or strobing (lots of shine is good for my hair, not for my face) work best for the under-30 set.

Here are some tried-and-true makeup tips for mature women that makes them look youthful, but not silly, modern but not trying too hard.

  1. Taking care of your skin is half the battle. When you have healthy, hydrated skin, any makeup you wear looks ten times better. To keep your skin looking its best, moisturize daily and exfoliate regularly. Hydration will keep your skin plumper and exfoliation will rid it of dry patches and dullness. Most mature skin is on the dryer side, so don’t be afraid of a richer moisturizer. As for exfoliation, you can exfoliate daily using a gentle facial scrub or exfoliate weekly using a stronger scrub or peel. When you do this regularly, makeup sits atop your skin beautifully and enhances your skin instead of covering it up.
  2. Use the right foundation. A good foundation makes all the difference. As we age, we should switch out our foundation, since our skin changes. Many formulas now contain effective anti-aging ingredients, so look for ingredients like peptides, Vitamin C, green tea and retinol in foundations.
  3. Soften up your makeup! Instead of harsh eyeliner and dark lips, why not try softer, smoky brown liner in the upper outer corners of your eyes and glossy peaches and pinks on your lips? The softer tones are more youthful, and de-emphasize crepiness around eyes and thinning lips.
  4. Don’t be afraid of a little light. A little highlight, that is. Highlighters can be used to make wide noses look thinner, lips look plumper and eyes look brighter. For your nose, draw a line down the middle of your nose and blend. Lips can benefit from a little highlighter at the cupids bow, and eyes brighten instantly with a little highlighter pressed carefully at the inner corners of the eyes.

Try one or all of these tips and you’ll be surprised at how pleased you can be at your appearance!