Skin laser treatments are newer non-surgical options for those seeking more youthful skin, but are they worth it? Here’s some info on three popular treatments available at dermatologists’ offices almost everywhere.

Ultherapy by Ulthera is an FDA-cleared procedure that lifts sagging skin on the neck, face, chin, and eyebrow and improves the appearance of lines and wrinkles on decolletage. Ulthera uses safe ultrasound energy to boost collagen production, and incorporates ultrasound imaging to allow the practitioner to see the tissue being treated. This helps ensure that treatment is delivered to where it will be most beneficial. One huge benefit: Ultherapy has no downtime and you can immediately resume normal activities.

Portrait Plasma Skin Regeneration works by transferring nitrogen plasma energy deep into the skin to initiate regeneration below the surface. This procedure can smooth wrinkles, banish brown spots and sun spots, eliminate acne scars and tighten, firm, and tone skin. Following the treatment, the patient can expect continued stimulated collagen production and increased elastin for up to one year with continued improvement to the skin. After the procedure, one may experience minimal redness, itching and skin peeling for a week or two.

A third option is Fraxel laser technology. The main benefits of this procedure include smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles, repair of surface scarring from acne, improved pigmentation due to age spots and sun damage, and treatment of actinic keratosis (a common pre-cancerous skin condition). Results are immediate and progressive for 3-6 months. Plus, more improvement may also be seen as deeper layers continue to heal. Significant results can be seen in a single treatment. Common side effects include swelling and redness, which usually subside in a few days. Otherwise, recovery time is minimal. Costs of these procedures can vary widely depending on where it is performed and how much body surface is being treated.

Always visit two to three doctors first to get multiple opinions before exposing your skin (and your wallet) to an expensive laser treatment!