The New Year is coming up this week and we all know we’ve made mistake with our skincare, leading to undesirable results like dullness, deeper wrinkles and even adult acne. Maybe we’ve gone to bed without washing our faces, or skipped the sunscreen.

Here is the 55 and Proud skincare resolution list for 2016 that will lead to healthier, brighter and younger looking skin!

  1. Always, ALWAYS wash your face before going to bed. No excuses. Not cleansing your face regularly leads to impurities causing enlarged pores, dead skin cell buildup and rough texture. Who wants that? Not you. So wash up.
  2. Incorporate products with potent antioxidants like Vitamin E, Vitamin C, green tea, retinol and resveratrol into your skincare regimen. These powerhouse ingredients can do wonders for your skin, including stimulate collagen production for firmer, plumper skin, reduce discoloration, reduce discoloration and create healthier skin. Look for products that combine several of these ingredients for a visible anti-aging effect.
  3. Get enough sleep. Sleep does wonders for skin. Aim for eight hours of sleep (or nine, if you can!) and your skin will look brighter and more supple.
  4. Work out regularly. Sweating a few times a week will purge your pores of impurities, improve circulation to the skin and just make you feel better overall. Better skin and a healthier body? Yes, please!
  5. Reduce stress. Have you noticed that people who are stressed out have skin that’s stressed out? It’s true. Blemishes, fine lines and lack of glow are all hallmarks of stressed out skin (and a stressed out person). Meditate, unplug and realize that stress doesn’t do you any good.