It shows when you don’t take care of your skin. Just look at a picture of your mother┬átoday, and hold it next to a similar photo from twenty years ago. Barring any expensive cosmetic surgery, you’re probably looking into the eyes of a very different person. Even the healthiest of people will begin to show their age in their skin eventually, but proper skincare can help ward off the demons of the decades before they arrive prematurely.

In our thirties, skin begins to become drier and thinner. This is often when women first notice wrinkles and the beginnings of crow’s feet. Your skin may begin to experience problems with inflammation during your 30s, too. Rosacea and acne may occur for the first time (or reoccur after a decade of calm behavior.)

To provide assistance to your skin’s natural tighteners called collagen and elastin, rev up your anti-aging routine with retinol. This member of the vitamin A family increases collagen production, helping to keep skin plump and smooth while ironing out wrinkles.

In our forties, estrogen begins to exit stage left, taking with it the elasticity, firmness, and moisture it was tasked with delivering for the past couple decades. Wrinkles often show their faces in our forties, while broken blood vessels and age spots also step onto the scene. Skin cell turnover begins to slow down, which leads to a dull appearance, especially on skin that wasn’t properly cared for in its earlier years.

Pay attention to your hormone levels, and be honest with your medical professionals. Stabilization of your estrogen levels may aid some discomfort. A great at-home skincare regimen is also key. Incorporate a gentle cleanser, eye cream, and moisturizer with SPF on your face and neck.

In our fifties and beyond, testosterone takes over, completely shoving estrogen and its collagen production aside. Sagging skin and age spots become readily apparent as pores stretch with the lack of elasticity. Peach fuzz may also suddenly appear, even if you haven’t noticed it before.

Hydration is essential. Drink tons of water and use skin products with hyaluronic acid to boost hydration levels. Skip super steamy showers in favor of more moderate temperatures to preserve the precious moisture your skin is holding onto, and seek out products with ceramides. These skin-barrier-supporting elements will help protect your beautiful outer layer.

Are you striving to keep your skin as young and healthy-looking as possible? By avoiding the sun, using products with proven antioxidants, eating skin-happy ingredients, and sticking to a regular regimen of cleaning, exfoliating and nurturing, you can slow down your skin’s aging process while keeping it looking glowing and fresh.