How To Change Your Skin Care For Fall

Sep 19th, 2015 Beauty, Staying Young 1 min read

Though it still feels like summer here in LA, we’ll be getting colder weather soon enough. I always change up my skin care with the changing seasons, since with the changing seasons comes changes to your skin. This means your skin care regimen needs to change, too. As the weather gets colder, the air gets drier. This means that you need to boost your moisturizing,…

Take Care of Skin Everywhere

Aug 31st, 2015 Beauty, Staying Young 1 min read

Good skin care doesn’t end at your face. If you notice, you’re covered with skin everywhere! And it IS our largest organ. The skin on your body, from your neck down to your feet, needs special care to keep skin youthful, moisturized and elastic. Skin on various parts of the body need specialized care and specific ingredients. With just a little more attention, skin everywhere…

Overdoing Skin Care: Is It Possible?

Aug 18th, 2015 Beauty, Staying Young 1 min read

The flip side of not taking care of your skin enough is taking care of it too much. But is that even possible? How can you care for your skin too much? Five words: Too much product, too often. Cleanliness is Next to Godliness – Or is it? Over-washing your skin actually disrupts the delicate moisture balance in our skin, drying it out and leading to excess sebum…

Get a Sunny Glow Without the Sun: Top Face and Body Bronzers

Jul 29th, 2015 Beauty 1 min read

The most important thing you can do to prevent premature skin aging is staying out of the sun. But does that mean you have to miss out on the insanely flattering effects that a tan can have? Not at all! It can make you look younger, thinner and generally happier. So if you’re staying out of the sun, replicate the glow by using powder and…

Reverse Sun Damage and Uncover Younger Skin

Jul 23rd, 2015 Staying Young 1 min read

Sun damage is the leading cause of the symptoms of aging skin: wrinkles, roughness, sagginess and brown spots. When I was in my 20s, my generation liked to bake in the sun with nothing but baby oil in between our skin and the relentless rays of the sun. Unfortunately, that now shows on a lot of our complexions. There is good news however: Treatments and…

Adult Acne: Why We Get It & How to Get Rid of It

Jul 20th, 2015 Staying Young 1 min read

  Even though my friends and I are in our 50s, some of us still get acne on occasion. And my two daughters, who are in their 20s, thought they had left their blemish-filled days behind them after they exited their teen years, but sadly, that’s not the case. Apparently, 20% of us get acne as adults! What causes adult acne and how can we…

Get Fruity! The Best Fruits For Radiant Skin

Jul 14th, 2015 Staying Young 1 min read

When I was doing makeup on LA movie sets, I always told my clients to avoid the processed foods at the courtesy tables and head straight for the fruits and vegetables. And I could tell when they took my advice and when they didn’t! The fruit eaters had clear, firm, dewy skin and the ones who didn’t needed a lot more makeup. Here are the…

How Massage Keeps You (and Your Skin) Young

Jul 13th, 2015 Staying Young 1 min read

Proponents of massage say that it has a host of benefits from anti-aging skin benefits, in addition to relaxation and stress reduction–which we all know affects all aspects of our health. Massage has been used for thousands of years, and by many different cultures, for good reason. But what about skin? How does massage benefit skin? We have muscles and connective tissue underneath our skin…

Sun Damage Control

Jul 10th, 2015 Staying Young 1 min read

When we were younger, the only thing we did to take care of our skin in the sun was to apply baby oil and make sure we tan the fronts and backs of our bodies evenly. What we know now about damaging UVA and UVB rays make us cringe to think about our younger selves’ skin care habits! So what do you do if you’ve…

Best At-Home Peels for Mature Skin

Jul 9th, 2015 Staying Young 1 min read

I’ve tried countless products to keep my skin’s surface clear as possible. And this means trying to reduce brown spots, enlarged pores, ruddiness and more. At-home peels, while not the same as aesthetician-administered skin care, can still help you achieve a clearer complexion. Just keep in mind that peels—while they can do a lot—cannot lift sagging skin, reduce deep lines and fold or increase plumpness….