Skincare Tips for Sensitive Skin

Aug 8th, 2016 Beauty, Staying Young 2 min read

Some days we love our skin, some days, we don’t. One thing is for sure — sensitive skin is hard to ignore. Now, we’re not talking about the kind of sensitivity that happens because you had your hands in a bleachy bucket of hot water all day. Anyone in that situation would end up red and irritated. We’re talking about skin that stays so extremely…

Sun protection

How Much Sun Protection Do You Really Need?

May 30th, 2016 Beauty, Staying Young 1 min read

With Memorial Day marking the unofficial start of summer, many mature women start thinking about increasing the sun protection they use. But how much do you really need? Should you up your SPF from 30 to 100 during hot summer months? Not necessarily, say experts. False sense of protection. While SPF 30¬†sunscreen blocks 97 percent of sunburn rays, SPF 100 blocks 99 percent, a mere…

aging skin on hands, neck, chest

How to Keep Your Neck Youthful

Mar 8th, 2016 Beauty, Staying Young 1 min read

Do you find yourself applying all sorts of anti-aging serums and moisturizers to your face, but seem to neglect your neck? You’re not alone. A large percentage of women are meticulous about skincare when it comes to their faces, but when it comes to their necks, they have amnesia. Since the skin on your neck is thinner than the skin on your face (surprise!), it…